March 01, 2006
Having exhausted all my Manila activities to satire about, I’m faced with the tempting evil of writing about Port Moresby’s prime selection of twisted, out-of-this-raunchy-world love stories involving bored-to-witlessness Filipinos. And since all my BLOG entries are faithfully a-romantic, you could just imagine the purgatory I’m going through.

Ergo, I pray hard. Not against the evil mentioned earlier where the Filipino information super highway is the proper thoroughfare for that but for something to deliver me from boredom so I may keep whatever’s left of my wits.

Until… someone through my Outlook popped a rather well exemplified discussion on “Pseudo-relationships”. Her thesis did solicit a lot of smirks and nods from me, not to mention 10 itchy fingers wanting to tap the keyboard and write a smartass-ish commentary about it.

I “pseudo” finished a paragraph and a half until my thoughts petered-out.

The writer tried to establish this school of thought: that a pseudo-relationship is not a valid relationship, that a pseudo-relationship is a substitute for the real thing. In her lengthy enumeration, she pointed out that the absence of and/or a deviation from one of the many socially-established elements of a relationship invalidates one.

Does it?

If we extend this view point on life in general, then I’ll find my bubbly ass floating in a sea of pseudo-lives. Lives like that of Mary who keeps a boyfriend but she’s in love with someone else. Or John's, a husband and father of four, but lives in a Makati condominium with his boyfriend. Or that of Parker's, an AusAid economic consultant but daydreams of starring with Russel Crowe in Broke Back Mountain II.

Is their existence unreal for living a disparate life from the one they want--a life off-tangent with the one they should have?

I have nothing against the innocuous zeitgeist of “pseudo” things. But I wonder: Are pseudo-relationships any less than the supposedly real one if you throw yourself in these “pseudos” with conscious choices?

I am Bryan Anthony, 26. Tell me about life.

01 March 2006


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At 4:21 AM, Blogger yey said........
Is a “pseudo-relationship” any less than the supposedly real one if you throw yourself in this “pseudos” with conscious choices?

yes, for a very simple reason. you attempt to live pseudo relationship, but it's not really living. it's just a grander way of daydreaming. living is to constantly affirm that you exist, that you have a purpose, and that youre making accomplishments. to box yourself to this 'pseudos' you mentioned, is i guess satisfying, but up to what point? and what good?

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Bryan Anthony the First said........
"it's not really living"

tell us what then IS living

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
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