February 29, 2008
The first time I learned about it I cringed. Dismissed it as one of them sick urban legends. But when I actually heard you sing, I just had to blog about it. "Save the wayward Barreto sister, save the world", I prayed.

Greta...no. You can't sing. Pronouncing the words sweetly is what you do in phonetics class. Hitting the notes right is another thing.

I wonder if you are alright.

Maybe you should start a hobby. SCandle making perhaps?

She however can...


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February 26, 2008
Not much transgressions this year. Even my worst is not so bad.

Too editorial.

Pang Mrs. Pozorrubio.

Sorry sis Lyka.


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February 18, 2008

Dear Sis,

I did not forget your birthday yesterday. Truth is, for non-familial reasons I will NEVER forget your birthday or at least not your birth date.

Manong is unwell.

'Know what sis, I see me in you. While your other manong shares my comedy you however, mirror my dramatic tendencies and pensiveness. I'm even writing about this. How does that read on the drama meter?

A whip of neurosis got the better of me. I was worried if I call and do the sing-song greetings that you'd take the hint from my voice despite my ISO-certified P.R. joviality that could mask a thousand feelings. I'm afraid this one is beyond guise and I don't want to ruin your day.

I'll land on my foot-spa deprived feet soon. So don't you worry a bit.

Happy birthday sis!

I Remain,
Manong Bryan

I hope you enjoyed spending my present.

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February 17, 2008
i got this from spells4free.com

love spell for dummies

What you need:
2 red candles
1 white candle
1 photo of the person you love
cinnamon powder
a ginger root
7 incense

It is better if you can start the spell on a friday, to take advantage of Venus' attraction.

Place the white candle on a table between the 2 red candles, with your lover's picture against the white candle.

Make a ring of cinnamon powder around the 3 candles and place the ginger root beneath the table.

Place the incense inside the ring. Light the candles and the cinnamon powder. Say these words: "Spirits out, spirits in, my lover feels the breathe of love"Concentrate at least 10 minutes on all your wishes (i recommend you to prepare a list of your wishes before you start the spell) Say the sentence again and blow the candles off.

Let the incense consumes until the end.

Repeat this ceremony during 7 days, until next friday.

If you have such an opportunity, make your lover drink a tea with honey each of the 7 days.

When you are done with the 7 days ceremony, burry the ginger root.

try mo???


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February 14, 2008

I dug deep. I swear. I even baked cinnamon crumble muffins to keep me company all night in my bid to pen down a jasmine-sweet romantic tale of me and my fictitious lover or to be more realistic an account of a wasteland that is my love life. All I have now is a bloated tummy, an emptied plate and a blank page.

My thoughts are stirred by the apparent defeat of Madam Clinton on the primaries. I really am for a lady president in the house.

So, babati nalang ako to those who don't mind being wished a happy hearts day. Bati!



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February 11, 2008

I was asked to write about the sexiest blogger in my roll...and they mean it non-anatomically.


"Ma-effort kayo ha", I complained.

"Fuck-off", I was politely told.

"And also with you", I replied respectfully.

I went ahead without them and here's Bryan Miseducated's sexiest blogmate:


He's got it goin on. Too bad I'm distantly taller.


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February 10, 2008

Dear Mr. Ledger,

I spoke to your pharmacist.

I heard all you needed was a good sleep.

I heard all you wanted is to be fleetingly freed of anxiety.

I heard all you wished for is to be a tad less sad.

I wish for all these too.

Is it any better there?


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February 08, 2008

Dear friend Carl,

Other than this blog, there is nothing else to tell about my life. Truth is, since 2003 I stopped living.

For five years now I live my everyday to accomplish a lone end: to earn for my family's subsistence.

From day one to today I look forward to finally bid my goodbye to everyone I know in Papua New Guinea. Until then my life is nothing more, probably even less than what is half of it. There is nothing sadder than what is half of a banality and very few like sad stories.

Sad to be so nega and ma-emote mode,

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February 04, 2008

He is not funny. He is a moralist incognito.

His way of telling stories has the charm reminiscent of the quintessential high school alpha male who thrives in annoying pretty girls.

I like his mini-book. I guess Melanie Marquez knows what she was talking about after all. About not judging people as they are not books.


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