March 30, 2007

Unless a magical shit has turned my friends into midgets suffering from bad case of hair loss and some dental disease, I’m assuming all of these profile photos of bald, toothless beings on my friendster list are human babies.

What happened to the Hong-Kong-domestic-helper-turned-slut shots? Or the I-have-a-PVC-sunflower-infested-hat-and-I’m-holding-it-like-my-life-depended-on-it poses? Or the I’ve-been-to Europe-and-you-haven’t pictorials? Gawwd where are my friends?

These babies aren’t my friends. They’re my nieces, my nephews. I bet one day they’ll show up at my doorstep and accuse me of that-godfather-who-never-went-to-their-Christening where their parents who were thoughtful smart-asses wrote my name on the sponsor list in spite of me and my absence during the rites.

So I wonder why they are posing as my friends.

My friends party hard! My friends eat COSMO for breakfast and chew VOGUE for lunch. They dine with VISA. They chain smoke. They drink too much coffee and live on tequila. They don’t watch Tagalog movies (atleast they pretend not to). They pick-on my bad English. Among us them, one’s as promiscuous as the next. They bang their heads with Alanis and Tori Amos. They gyrate with INOJ. They sleep late and wake-up later. They’re my college friends…that is was is our lifestyle…

Perhaps they’ve left. Some infant on a crying-fit vigil is standing-in for them. Some new born shitting on his diapers has taken their place. Maybe they’re all gone.

Maybe I stayed behind.

30 March 2007


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March 28, 2007
Did tell

Regine Velasquez

sabihin ko kaya sa iyo
damdamin ay tinatago
paano aking kaibigan
lihim na katotohanan

tanging mahal
sa puso ko'y ikaw lamang
sabihin mong pag-ibig ko
minimithi, inaasam
kailan pa ba
maririnig ito sinta
kung sana'y makapiling ka
habang buhay
aking sinta

pagtingin sa iyo'y nagbago
pagtibok ng aking puso
sana'y iyong malaman
ikaw at ikaw lamang

tanging mahal
sa puso ko'y ikaw lamang
sabihin mong pagibig kong
minimithi o inaasam
kailan pa ba
maririnig ito sinta
kung sana'y makapiling ka
habang buhay
aking sinta

tanging mahal

28 March 2007


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March 22, 2007
OUR American Dream vs Breadwinning in PNG

A very heavy rainfall drenched Port Moresby yesterday. For some people weather like this (gloomy, dim, overcast, glum, blue, dull) makes them sad. Not for me, not in my pre-PNG days and fucking certainly not now. Besides, sad is an unfairly downplayed word to describe how I feel has it been for me the years past.

I’ll take heart, best friend. Will try to…

" alam mo, papatulan ko na ata yung texas working visa, august ang alis eh, apurado na ako umalis kase i am far too talented to stay here in manila…isa pa di na ko masaya dito sa manila, i need to grow and go…

kelan ka punta australia? pagpunta mo dun hanap ka na ng employer mo para maka alis ka na sa PNG.

frenship kita kaya alam ko na multi-talented ka, very promising ka at madami kang potentials kaya i hope that you find a way to transfer to australia para pareho tayo na still be on the top of the game.

a true friend sees the great possibilities in you and post a challenge so that nobody gets left behind. i can feel your frustrations, kahit nga si arnold clavio pinapatulan mo eh. i know it is easier to vent our frustrations on others than to deal with it. lahat tayo meron frustrations but we need to deal with it and do something about`s a tough shit pero you can always count on me for the cold truth. it`s just an honest and objective observation, i hope you consider it.

like me, i know that you are way too talented to stay in PNG. o, compliment yan huh! may entry point ka na sa australia, diskartihan mo na


22 March 2007


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March 20, 2007
The Real Hero

David Frankel’s The Devil Wears Prada is tad of a version than it as an adaptation.

The book’s heroin is Andy but missed-out details stripped her off that role leaving Streep as the real hero. THE Meryl Streep alone is bound to cast shadow on both Andy’s heroin role and the message her character is suppose to send across.

In the last two chapters, during a fashion week in Paris, we’ll find Andy chew up and bark at Miranda to fuck herself—a trivial detail among other imperative fine points omitted in the movie that sets it in a different air.

The movie downplayed some sub plots which might have helped push the message that a “real” job and pedestrian clothing is fine to live by as long as you are happy. (Sell that to a generation who’d likely to honor Oscar dela Renta with a Nobel.)

Nonetheless, everyone seems to find both the book and the movie entertaining. Ditto! So I’m ok.


Once-upon-a-time Anna Wintour assistant Lauren Weisberger should wiegh up the possibilities for a The Devil Wears Prada the Series one that would give Ugly Betty people a run for their money.

20 March 2007


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March 15, 2007
Mister World '07

My Top 5






Next 10

15 March 2007


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March 12, 2007
Blowing Bubbles

According to the 1990 census, English is a mother tongue for only around 32,802 Filipinos.

Meanwhile, this aflame Arnold Clavio fan whose scholastic idiomatic eccentricity is second only to his unprecedented idiocy, me and 80,000,000 others must have done something wrong or watched too much Batibot, Hiraya Manawari and of that Heidi animation dubbed into Pangasinense.

I shouldn’t really be loitering at Igan’s blog unless I have nothing else better to do but blow bubbles with my saliva. I skimmed through Igan's post with the ease of reciting the Henny-Penny-is-a-Hen poem but right after the second bubble popped-back to its fluidy form the comment trail wouldn’t allow itself to be skimmed and my sheepish grin earmarked for nostalgic moments of utmost sexual theme broadly beamed from my face.

Anyway, take a sample while I try to blow my 4,507th bubble…4,608…4,609…

A master of the English language does not need to exaggerate; an illiterate almost always does.

Lord Hailsham (1907 - 2001)
Ouch! That stung.
12 March 2007


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March 08, 2007
A Visual Diatribe

This 2007...

Our girls

VS the Venezuelans

i rest my case.

08 March 2007


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March 06, 2007
Good luck girls!

This letter was cc-ed to me this morning. I thought I’d be nice to share it.

“Mutiny. Nothing short of it.

Araneta and Moreno should step down gracefully or suffer the wrath of battalions of squealing Ricky Reyes hair cutters, Fitness First closet queens & caffeine wasted call center agents who’d untiringly emailed-their gay asses off to make sure we have a shot over Miss Photogenic feels betrayed by the level-inappropriate representation of the Filipina beauty.

Madams, do accept our deepest gratitude to your priceless contribution. But time has soured your ancient Bb. Pilipinas ways to mid-century antics.

We want a crown. Not a Miss Colgate smile sash.”

-Philippine League of Hair Cutters, Gym Members, and Call Center Agents

Not a happy group, are they?

I say: Good luck to you girls. Be the crown!

06 March 2007


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