August 25, 2006

here now
i feel woeful
for not being able
to post anything
for you guys
but since i owe the world...
to bring inspiration
at all times
i share you this

25 August 2006
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August 15, 2006
Fake (revised [for no reason])

someone posted a rather well exemplified discussion on pseudo-relationships.

her “pseudo” thesis did solicit a lot of smirks and nods from me, not to mention 10 fingers itching for the keyboard for a smartass-ish commentary.

the writer tried to establish this school of thought: a pseudo-relationship is not a valid relationship. a pseudo-relationship is the substitute for the real thing.

in her lengthy enumeration, she pointed out that the absence of and/or a deviation from one of the many socially-established elements of a relationship invalidates one. she calls them pseudo-relationships.

like that of mary’s… been keeping the same boyfriend for years but is in-love (and sleeping) with someone else. there’s john… a husband and father of four but lives in a makati flat with his boyfriend. or that of rachelle’s… former miss melbourne last seen dating her first runner-up.

i have nothing against the innocuous zeitgeist of “pseudo” things. but indulge me to wonder: are pseudo-relationships fill-in for the supposedly real ones(are they unreal? fake?) even if we throw ourself in this “pseudos” with conscious choices?

i am bryan anthony, 26 (a.turning 27 this September, b. whose personal life has nothing to do with this particular blog, c. just violently reacting, d. might masturbate later). tell me about life.

15 August 2006
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August 11, 2006
Failure to Launch

Project Seoul is off to a bad start. Last Monday, I was supposed to be up at 5:30 in the morning to commence a daily, month-long hour of walk/jog at the yacht club marina. But a nightmare shook me from sleep two hours earlier and I woke up with an excretory function-caused penile erection to deal with.

All these left me un-able to doze off anew. Having 38 winks instead of 40—I had to skip the whole thing (walking/jogging/nose picking). I turned on the tube instead for a marathon of TFC (The Filipino Channel) crap—a good doze against the compulsion to masturbate. Mind you, my Bulgari hand softener is a looot more expensive than my cable subscription.

The rest of the week is like the Philippines’ 33 years of losing streak for the Miss Universe crown. Take-outs and pizzas, yes; but no morning jog, no gym, no nothing.

Next Monday is another promising day to send off things. I’ll tell more about Project Seoul pending a successful launch.

11 August 2006
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August 09, 2006
A streak...

very tired

09 August 2006
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