July 16, 2008

First pressing of olives gives you extra-virgin olive oil. For extra virgin olive oil, the rule of thumb is never use it when high heat is involved. While it is perfect for salads and dressings, frying and sautéing burns-off the good stuff that you paid extra for.

Meanwhile, refining and blending produces the type of olive oil that is good for flame-required cooking.

With olive oil and love, the pressing issue (re: pure vs. mature) is more on appropriateness than on preference.

If one prefers to date them young, thinking that you’ll get pure love off them, then one should expect something wispy like a Ceasar salad...fresh and light but not the stuff that makes you feel you’ve eaten enough...unlike a deep fried lechon kawali.

With regards to us turning 29 this year thus dating younger boys is up on our game plan...bes, speak for yourself.

Bad metaphors I can afford, bad dates...No!

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July 15, 2008
I told you so.

But the brightest star at the pageant was Riyo.

Even the most zealous did not see that coming...Riyo uncrowned and power dressed in a tuxedo when the moment calls for her to shine for the last time.

The message is as subtle as it is classy. A true universal woman can present herself separate from the crown and gown...that she is Riyo who wants to be remembered as Riyo the Woman and not Riyo the Beautiful...and for her, a titled year is a year among years of life straight ahead or along empowering curves.


Bryan Miseducated for the Miss Universe 2008 coverage, signing off.


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told you so...

anyway, what are your thoughts on the following:

1. Dominican Republic's gown.

2. Ngipin ni Russia.

3. Bangs ni Japan.

4. Hair ni Kosovo.

5. Revival: gown ni Russia (Oxana)

6. Back to back: USA nadulas 07 & 08.

7. Zero take home si Philippines.

8. Buhok ni Scary Spice.

9. Mexico's gown.

10. The girl who performed during the swimwear competition.


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July 14, 2008

'Was a wonderful job Riyo...

As for the girls vying for the crown...

"Miriam didn't lose. She was 1st runner up. Defeat is when someone else is deemed a winner. Winning is believing you won and that you will always do."
-Bryan Miseducated
speaking out loud after watching Miss U 1999

"Miss India! Ready ka na sa perfect 9 IELTS score!"
his reply to BM's comment mentioned above

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July 12, 2008

Pre-Fall 2008 Collection

The girls are attending the Miss U coronation at Nah Thrang and I volunteered to dress them up.

For Acey, very subtle corporate chicness ala sponsor ng pageant:

For Jericho, something to brighten up his rather melancholic posts:

For Ate Lyka, dahil mahilig siyang mag show-off ng flesh:

For Mrs. J, something semi-reserved kasi nga misis na siya:

And for Bes, dahil sa laki ng ipinayat ng puta:

At dahil nahuling nagpa-confirm si Kiks at Diablo, si Rene Salud na raw bahala sa kanila.

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July 09, 2008
A short break from Miss U...

Vienna: Tougher laws are needed to combat homophobia in the European Union, a new report says, urging leaders across the 27-nation bloc to grant same-sex partnerships the same rights and advantages as married couples. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals enjoy significant legal protections in only 18 member states, the Vienna-based EU agency for fundamenatal rights said yesterday. "Equal treatment is a fundamental right that all members of our society should enjoy," the agency said, calling homophobia and discrimination "a cause of concern for us all". Better use of EU-wide criminal legislation could tamp down homophobic hate speech and hate crime, it said.

-Associated Press

no, these girls ARE girls, Dayana of Venezuela and Elisa from Mexico

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July 07, 2008

thank you bes for the t-shirt


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July 03, 2008
We've known each other since kindergarten and were both turning 29 this year. That long na... we might as well be the Wonder Twin brothers. What's interesting is that while we sync perfectly almost all the time, our preferences over things aren't always complimentary.

On fashion; Bes is into Urban Chic while I'm into Gothic Churva.

On dining: Arroz caldo sa kanto vs. Truffles.

On men: Crush ng Bayans who are into anime vs. Older men with yachts.

And since the Miss Universe fever is surging up to tipos level... let's see what I and bes' top 5 are.


Bryan Miseducated:







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