October 29, 2008

Port Moresby jeweler and friend Es introduced me to the olfactory joy of perfume mixing. She’s so fab she throws in a crash course in scent fusing for every bling purchase you make.

Her philosophy behind perfume mixing which also stands as her excuse for hoarding things she sees in Vogue is that a perfume is a mixture of stuff and to fuse two or more perfumes together wouldn’t exactly result to a nuclear fallout. Hmmm…

Anyway before you start concocting your parfum one needs to master two things:
1. eaus (parfums, toilettes and cologne), and your
2. bases (oil and alcohol)
And you are off to seducing the closet case from the IT department with your personalized potion!

Try my TOMMY LIKES MEN for starters. You’ll need:

Tommy Girl
Diesel Masculine
A discreet place to meet him
Discreet-er maneuver where you could pull him close enough and long enough to get a whiff of you

Spray generously maintaining a 2:1 Tommy to Diesel spray ratio.

Your whiff should resemble the concoction of Mr. IT’s St. Scho girl’s virginal aroma and the muskiness of his Fitness First buddy.

If fused properly the resulting scent guarantees you a date until Christmas tops and if you’re into leather and whips perhaps he’ll even let you pass the firewall for porn access.


Who would have known aroma therapy really works and darn spa owners weren’t ripping us off. I was blending scents the next day and Es’ little hobby kept me calm while trying to figure out how in hell to pay for them stones.

P.S. 2
I’m writing shit again. Help!


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October 21, 2008

effort to!


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October 15, 2008
ABS-CBN artist Mark Bautista was playing the piano at the Crowne Plaza Port Moresby ballroom when suddenly an elderly male Caucasian repeatedly knocked against the unknowing baby grand and scolded the pop singer for “turning the hotel into a zoo” then topped it with a generous serving of profanities.

The bigot, perhaps stirred from his fart-y and saliva drenched slumber was referring to the mini-concert starring said artist the Filipino Association organized the night before the incident.

I understand that an acquired taste for bagoong comes with appreciating such shows but white ass septuagenarian has certainly gone crackers. I’m certain that the show is no safari park at least nothing like the bigot’s baboon-ish arrogance.

White ass should have gone banging at the manager’s desk since it was the management who rented out the facilities to the Filipino community for the concert/ show instead he opted to vent his anger at Mark whose ethnicity isn’t of his favor.

I’m doubly certain that if Mark was white rude grandpa would grant forbearance even if noise from the concert razed Crowne Plaza to the ground.

If he wanted peaceful sleep he should have demanded his money back and booked a room at Hotel Hell and rested there in peace. I would have gladly sent him candles, prayers and wreaths.

I’m no fan of Mark. But between mediocre talent and racist pigs, I’d go for Mark anytime.

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October 14, 2008
my top 6

completing the top 10


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October 13, 2008
Ads on the side

write about poverty on October 15, 2008


going back

Chasing Harry Winston

by Lauren Weisberger

First two pages and I was thinking Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda but to be fair with Ms. Weisberger, tales of witty well-heeled New Yorkers running the rounds of career, romance and love post-Sex and the City are easily put into pigeonholes. Then again, benchmarks aren't excuses.

I arrived at the last pages of my copy hoping that the good half of the novel was torn away by the housekeeper. Nobody got fired and I'm done hoping.

Really, the only chase here is me hunting for a plot.

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

It's impertence to give my take on these classics. For one thing, you couldn't go wrong with them. If anything I should chastise myself for being soooo late with these reads. Hmmm... how about:

1. cutting down on porn

2. watching jyesebel

3. listening to Bea Alonzo's album


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October 11, 2008

i've dated accountants, bankers, call center agents, a dancer (ahaha), engineers, a gym instructor, a teacher, nurses, ex ginoong pilipinas, a police officer etcetera etcetera but never someone who can make music

may bago na ako crush

move over chef rob

come to papa, chris cendana

he's a bit size-y, but i've been accused a chub chaser before, so keri

shit, kinikilig ako

it's dr. mcfitch's fault http://doctormcfitch.blogspot.com/

check him out

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October 08, 2008
since i've dressed-up almost all of the girls of the RAINBOW BLOGGERS mansion, this time i want a real girl naman. sino pa...no other than the mother of all pinoy bloggers Ms. Jessica Zafra!

and since ms. vera is busy with her simply vera gig, dun pa rin tayo kay ate monique lhuillier.

gown 1 & 2

medyo dressy ang gown #1, baka pag na bore si ate jess e sa palda nya isulat ang next na twisted

medyo pageant-y naman ang gown #2, baka mas bet ni ate jess maging judge or interpreter, sayang no, kung di sana nag quit ang janina...

gown 3 & 4

ang gown #3 ay medyo girly, e woman na ang ate jess at medyo pang debut ba

ang gown #4 naman, pretty, pero baka sa church e may lumapit sa kanya at magpunas sa suot nya, mapagkamalan pa syang our lady of lourdes

eto na, ang para kay ate jess

this one is flow-y but not dressy, structured but light, the details are subdued, very feminine but not girly, non- traditional but not too eccentric...pwede rin sa buntis, not that buntis si ate jess

ang basa...

Seven of air
This is a month of overflowing ideas and intention.
You will plan something nifty and illicit this month—a distraction from the persistent whispers of the past. You will be caught though.
You will plan to retrieve something precious, alas, even if you get it back it will not be as precious as before.

You will make alliances this month and you need to forgive someone. This is not the month to be critical and restrictive.

Ten of Air
The stressful pace of the previous month will begin to slow up. Constraints that have been put upon you will be released.

Way- Shower
It’s a bright and promising month ahead. An ailing relationship will be in full bloom anew.

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October 05, 2008

In the spirit of fairness, not the Lucy Torres paleness fairness, I am posting the comment left by a certain Mr. Raymond on the House Bill 5043 post to give it a chance to be read by others who commented earlier. It’s the last comment on the thread and the only one clearly supporting CFC’s opposition to the bill.

Attack na! Churv.

While it’s unlikely that a horny daughter would bother mom about her daytime itch let’s just say for the sake of argumentation that my bitch of a daughter comes to me and ask for a pill, I would hurriedly grab my D&G tote and the car key to visit the closest clinic and afterwards drive straight to a ravine… stupid momma, slut daughter, pill, dysfunction and all.

Come on, the case mentioned by Mr. Raymond has nothing to do with lawmaking than it is an eventuality of failed parenting.

You can’t say that Bill 5043 will turn daughters into whores. Hello…kitty!

What our SECULAR government is trying to do is address all options impartial to any moral paradigm.

P.S. Last time I checked the Philippines is still a republic not a papal state.


For the October pahula, please pick a card and I will make the basa on the next post.


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