August 29, 2007

A few days back an e-mail was sent to me about a parish priest in Port Moresby who is happy to lend-out parishioner's tithes to some of his closest friends. It wasn't mentioned whether it's on a 30-day term, interest bearing or otherwise.

For the naive many this is an apt example of generosity and charity akin to sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry and caring for the sick. It is not! Easing-up your friends' parching cash flow from the flock's offering to dear Mother Church is a totally different banana.

Speaking of bananas...

Guys, what's your take on this (the financing scheme--not the banana)?


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August 28, 2007
Under Construction

HTML-ing is Greek to me.

As I strive for a good read with a fab skin to match, in interim I'l be renting (pro bono) a few sites to host my blog.

The credits are there as they should be.


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August 27, 2007
Babati Lang

I am back! But I am not posting just yet.

Babati lang ako:

Congratulations to my brother for passing the nursing board exams. And as a gift, I bought us a ticket to go here: (and kasama ka best friend whether you like it or not, na-charge na sa VISA noh!)

P.S. Hindi po totoo ang paratang ng Las Estrellas na may bago akong jowa. Nyeta noh, wala!

27 August 2007


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