September 27, 2006
Missouri Compromise

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A new curfew is imposed on bars in Baguio City.

For the past few years, curfew on bars was set at 2 in the morning. Now the city mayor turns Baguio into Cinderella City cursed with a 12:00 midnight curfew!

Mr. Mayor reckons: an earlier closing time for bars, pubs and other entertainment establishments is one of the better ways to address Baguio’s increasing crime rate.

They flagged statistics to the opposition: an increase here and there. I’m unconvinced and still inclined to believe that Baguio has one of the lowest crime rates in the Philippines or at least comparably lower with the other major cities in Metro Manila where curfews are called for only when revolts are in-season…like Jolina on fashion.

My recent remoteness to the City of Pines may discredit any weight to my opinion. And my (waning) passion for nightlife renders me biased on the matter so I did a bit of research-of-a-sort.

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I asked a dear friend, a law enforcer from Victoria who once patrolled the streets of one the most livable cities in the world—Melbourne:

In your observation, do closing times of bars and crime rate have a causal relationship?

And here’s his reply:

“There is a direct connection between street crime and bar closing times. The later they close, generally the more trouble there is. Curfews work in reducing public order offences associated with alcohol. By reducing the amount of time in which to drink, people get less drunk and therefore there is less street fighting, vandalism etc.

An alternative used in Australia is an entry curfew, where the bar/club stays open late but after a certain time say 0100hrs no one is allowed entry. The idea is that you stop people roaming the streets from bar to bar causing trouble along the way. The bar can monitor alcohol consumption of patrons to prevent excessive drinking and people behave themselves because if they get asked to leave, there is nowhere else to go.”

I am still against the curfew imposed. But we’ve all heard about the Missouri Compromise (or not).

It’s lust versus law abidance when one’s asked to stop roaming at 0100 hours, but I want safe streets in my favorite city whenever I’m horny or not…

27 September 2006
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September 24, 2006

“All I’d seen day after day was Gion, so much so that I’d come to think Gion was everything, and that the only thing that mattered in the world was Gion. But now that I was outside Kyoto, I could see that for most people life has nothing to do with Gion at all; and of course, I couldn’t stop from thinking of the other life I’d once led.

Grief is a most peculiar thing; we’re so hopeless in the face of it. It’s like a window that will simply open of its own accord. The room grows cold, and we do nothing but shiver. But it opens a little less each time, and a little less; and one day we wonder what has become of it.”

Sayuri (Chiyo)

Memoirs of a Geisha
By Arthur Golden

Finally, I’m done with this one.

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You’ve probably seen the movie 48 years ago and learned more than any that it’s not your mom’s throw pillow you tie at the back of one’s kimono. And for those who dismissed the book on the (de)merits of the motion picture: understand Sayuri’s life and share her mortal thoughts on friendship, family, sex and I suspect even love by letting Arthur Golden himself tell you the story.

Arigato arigato gozaimasu domo arigato gozaimashita.

‘Til the next entry.

24 September 2006
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September 20, 2006
Lubid at Lupa (Rope and Earth)

I’m peeling as I write. I’m talking about what happens to your skin after you spend four days under the Aussie sun without sun block. Note well: UV is still UV whether it’s from a first world with an accent or somewhere else!

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I arranged this trip as a gift to myself. And I’m happy I did. GREET MY BREAST LID: I enjoyed the company. Thank you.

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A special gift came as a close second.

I wrote this poem three years ago. Silly me, I lost all my copies. I have not a single copy for myself 'til now.

Jun, as I was told later, after rummaging over his things while packing for his holiday in Manila, found his. I remembered giving him a copy 3 years back. He had it framed as his gift for my 27th. Thank you Jun!

lubid at lupa

Hihiramin ba ang lumbay ng umaga kung sa krimen ng kahapon ay wala ka
Kahapong sinlapit ng nakalimot na gabi sa isang bulag na pagkakasala
Ang hakbang ba’y pabalik sa kalawakang bubog na may dantay ng lason
Lasong taksil sa pawis at luha

Aalayan ba ng rosal ang libingan ng mga buhay na bihag
Bihag at alipin na di na ma-amoy ang hiwaga ng pulang rehas
Mananatili bang itim ang belong burada ng ala-ala
Itim pa ba ang tema ng iyong dalangin

Sira na ang biyulin at pigtas na ang lubid ng duyan
Ngunit tila ang duyan parin ang kanlungan ng iyong tulirong damdamin
Anong kasabay ng iyong paos na himig
Himig ng iyong hikbing hanap ang mga punit na guhit ng byulin

Halika’t baybayin nating ang bangungot: tapang na tapakan ang mga bubog
Tumayo ka’t Ako at ako ay may paroroonan
Pulutin mo ang lubid na hinahagkan na nang giniginaw na lupa
Sa sapang dilaw doon lahat tayo’y magkita-kita

Di ba’t sa kahariang dagat ang hantungan ng bawat butil ng tubig
Libingnang may sumpa’t pangako nang muling pagkabuhay
Na ang tabang na tubig ay lilipas sa alat ng karagatan
Tubig at tubig, tubig din ang kalalagyan

Arok nawa ang pangitaing may bukadkad ng rosal at tiklop ng belo
Ang pagsunog sa lubid at paglimot sa biyulin
Anong lason man ang pumatay sa iyong maikling kasaysayan
Hiramin mo’t angkinin ang lumbay ng umaga

20 September 2006

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September 14, 2006
Project Seoul

I’m telling more about Project Seoul as promised in my previous post:

1. My best friend arranged to take his NCLEX exam in Seoul (when time-zone convenient and non-translatorial challenged, be-Disneyland-ed Hong Kong is the nuclear-threat free option). And I volunteered to accompany him;

2. Premise: Young Koreans are skinny. Ergo: I subject myself to a personal weight loss program, whilst : a) making sure I jog around the yacht club marina with whitest running shoes ever; b) my semi-micro-mini gym shorts matches my sweat band, my tops and the rest of the work-out ensemble;

3. I stand at 5”8, I tip the scale: 74 kg. I digress?

Until now I don’t know why I got myself into this. But then again there are millions of other life-threatening acts I got myself involved with simply because I’m his best friend. Most of them, if not all, remain a mystery why I did so and such. So I guess there’s something wrong with me.

By the way, my Philippine Honor Society-member best friend chose South Korea simply because his board examination top notching brain believes that life is about green roses, jewels in palaces and stairways to heaven.

14 September 2006

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September 07, 2006
Warsaw's Turn

Puerto Rico claims L.A.'s frontline, Mikimoto is the prize.

Now the battlefront is in Warsaw. Them 104.

Let the Battle of the World begin!

My Miss World 2006 Top 3 Regional Favorites


Northern Europe


Southern Europe
The Caribbean


The Americas


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07 September 2006

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September 06, 2006
Pre-birthday blues

I fried four strips of bacon and an egg and ate them for breakfast.

Earlier, the cook tried to remind me that she prepared bacon and egg sandwiches for our breakfast. With a dead-pan face I said “I don’t like that”. I threw in a piece of brown bread in my plate just to make sure she gets the point.

I know it wasn’t very nice of me. And I have no excuse for being grumpy on her, or to anyone for that matter.

My sullen morning is mine to keep.
One’s brooding isn’t something to dole out.

06 September 2006
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September 02, 2006

The bar exams starts tomorrow. I phoned Rosie this morning and wished her heaven’s grace in her bid to be admitted to the profession I once dreamed of being part of (besides being a priest and/or a male stripper).

To the lovely, admirable Rosie who in six-month time would perhaps willingly look after my legal health pro-bono …again I wish you the best of luck…


02 September 2006

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