August 31, 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy finalist Bugoy is favored to win the grand prize.

We're proud of you sister!


rewind ng kaunti...

Ang Pioneer

Mga Ladies in Waiting

This post is a contribution of my dear friend Ivana Federova Vega Lopez-Lacroix.

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August 27, 2008
Do you still remember our Q&A Portion with Jimmy six months back? Well, we never had the chance to do the "A" part since he hasn't showed up after he left Port Moresby last February. Hence, hindi kami makapag–taping.

Port Moresby's favorite hair dresser hasn't deserted us. No. Evil forces connived to prevent him from coming back!

Yes, my queridas, there are evil Filipinos in Port Moresby.

Evil sounds a tad strong a word? Not at all! Save for their mal-intent towards Jimmy, wouldn't you call people who use church collection to pay off their business debts evil? 'Divine intervention' can't get more tangible than that, huh.

We wonder if dear Bishop knows anything about this. It's too Dan Brown-esque, I tell you.

Anyway, Jimmy wholeheartedly apologizes to everyone.

To my church-going, non-evil queridas, prudence queridas, prudence…

speaking of no-good: this site hitherto Pro-One Philippines, No to Bangsamoro!

Isa lang dapat ang contestant natin sa Miss Universe! Woof!

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August 21, 2008

Dear Amang in heaven

We celebrate your life as it ends on earth

We mourn, not your death but our state of folly

We salute your gentle journey--ninety-nine years of gentle journey

In shame, we are left wondering how to wonder being

We'll sing of praises your life lived in years

We mourn ours living in ponders

We cease to lament well along

Until you welcome us again

As humble litters

At the gates of heaven

We love you Amang.

Ah! Surely nothing dies but something mourns!
-Lord Byron


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August 20, 2008

I’m not so certain if I ever mentioned it here that I’m into making hula. I am into making hula. So here’s a little gig we’re off to.

Below are four August tarot cards. Choose one.

State your choice at the comment box and I’ll post the readings over the next few days.

four of air

lady of fire


two of air


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August 18, 2008
I soooo love Ellen, and I'm soooo happy for her and Portia de Rossi.

Best Wishes Mga Kumpare!!

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August 16, 2008

It's hell, I tell you.

As Bryan Miseducated's day job braves an extended audit season he could hardly find time for his beloved blog. He's soooooo not very fond of their auditors right now. But just to keep this page from going stale, here's something that he thinks is worth mentioning:

Querida Adriana’s retort to Leigh’s “Not everyone can have meaningless one-night stands.”:

"First of all, girls, 'one-night stands' are for sad little people who meet in Atlantic City casinos or Midwestern hotels. 'Hooking up' is what drunken sorority girls do after their spring formals. We have affairs. Fabulous, sexy, spontaneous affairs. Understood?"

Chasing Harry Winston
Lauren Weisberger
(the author of The Devil Wears Prada)

Bet mo?

I wish everyone affairs galore for years to cum come!! Woof!


apparently, rumored closet queen Sam Milby exposed his rear on a local TV series

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August 13, 2008
remember her?

maybe she can help...

still no clue, how about her?

oh come on, this is the give away...

It's Rainbow Brite!!


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August 12, 2008
Eighteen year old Vivian is from a family of eight children. A product of poor public education, I inform rather than ridicule when I say she is not very smart. And her days at school with empty tummy were not of any help. Out of school and unemployed, she keeps her days busy dating, unlike her Kapuso mermaid-turned-human heroine who's snagged a wealthy CEO's son, an equally poor and a doubly stupid boy her age. And they plan to get married soon.

Had she been taught in school that the economics of marriage goes beyond renting a Aling Lilian's Creation wedding gown and an Bombay-financed fund for the wedding reception, perhaps Vivian and her stupid boyfriend would remotely consider dating each other off?

Vivian, had she been taught in school that having kids in the family meant more than just figuring out an anagram-ic three-name first name for her baby and a second Indian-(refinanced) christening expenses…why, we're talking about baby formula, the diapers, the visits to the pediatrician, the supplements and vaccines, a clean environment, recreation, a clean shelter—a house, employed parents…

Vivian should have been thought in school that the Filipino optimism "may remedyo" employed in child rearing is inadmissible. Refer to any adoption case and you will see that no righteous court will award any adoption to insufficiently capacitated adapters. While an impoverished lovers are awared leniency on the grounds of romance (i.e. 'against all odds' shit) the "may remedyo" mentality is not fair cruel to a child who have no voice nor a legislative right to choose parents who has "may remedyo na".

We must educate our Vivians and their hopefully not so stupid husbands-to-be that they must postpone bearing children until they can afford and able to rear them for the long haul at least until they finish school.

The church's bitter opposition against the proposed birth control legislation is tad disheartening than it is anything else. It might as well be a premature veto from God himself. My humble opinion is that we should all go back to schools and sustainably educate our Vivians about the economics of starting a family and nurturing it. We address the apparent issues on population not by suppressing it but by informing the next Filipino generation that a proper management of finances and time like good morals and values are basic in rearing a family.

There is nothing new what I'm saying here. But who knows… a naïve Vivian spending her idle afternoon ogling over his unemployed boyfriend's Friendster photos might accidentally end up here.

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August 07, 2008

premier wen invited the girls for the after-dinner ng beijing olympics opening

and since Monique Lhullier is closed for inventory, dumaan nalang kami kina kuya Elie Saab at dun ako namili

and to match the 8-8-8 ka churvahan ng china, eight pinays ang dadalo sa dinner na ito. at red kung red ang drama nila, e di red!

girl 1. si dra. mc fitch, since open heart surgeries are what come into my mind when doctors are mentioned, ito ang napili ko for dra. archie, plunging kung plunging ready na for incision

girl 2. si bes, but of course, itong si bes moment kung moment, kaya sige yan para sayo.

girl 3. super sweet niya everytime homer visits my blog, so i chose a sweet ensemble para sa kanya

girl 4. our slut princess, si lexan. i chose something na mabalot naman siya kahit paa lang because his blog is spilling with his nakedness

girl 5. lyka. when i saw this dress, it's so lyka, so malandi, so lyka.

girl 6. si ate mandaya. nag sms after she heard i'm off for shopping, ayaw daw niya ng red. ang pink daw is ka family ng red, ayuda pa ni kulot. e di pink!

girl 7. my idol momel. and to show off his fab tattoo:

girl 8. my new blog acquaintance ko si ron, kaya ala ako masyado masabi, but i'm sure ganda yung gown.

See you in Beijing!!

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August 05, 2008

popcorns are the most unlikely brain food. but popped cereal ears are exactly what my ortho-restrained teeth are working on this very moment hoping that they'd help me pen some fab comeback post.

a drizzle of salt and a slice of butter after...zilch!

no worries! i've queued up a few post after this...from a bit smart-assy book review to a jojo alejar oddity...

oh yes, the cliche...hiatus. i was offline for a while due to some technical problems. my wifi provider is one of the worst in the world but their incompetence was a timely one as i:

1. got to catch up with my reading. and by golly i'm hooked with a fab read. (see below)

2. found time to bling search (and an eventual purchase)

3. had time to replace my phone, (which SHOULD be, recession or otherwise, a semi-annual thing)

i missed you all!


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