September 29, 2007

Let us spread the word.

While the US urges "all civilized nations" to press Myanmar's leaders to end the crackdown of pro-democracy demonstrators what the free world wants to put an end with is the very junta that has caused so much misery and hardship to the Burmese people.

Let's all find a way to contribute to this cause.

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September 27, 2007
De-Port Moresby-ed

Anyone may quote me on this one (lalo na yung mga na-a-annoy na sa akin sa mga incessant complains ko on my life in Papua New Guinea next time na mag-PNG litany ulit ako to them):

"Odd but nonetheless true, I consider Port Moresby as my home now."

Anyway, Bryan Miseducated is pleased to let you know his whereabouts. In case you have nothing else better to do or if you need someone to watch 'Apat Dapat- Dapat Apat' with (even if Tagalog movies induce my allergies), drop a line and let's arrange something.

I am supposed to be back in Pinas for good to finish my MBA and enroll a course or two in accounting software design but for some f***** reasons I decided to make use of the remaining few months of my working visa and save a few more bucks.

Anyway ulit...

Current Location: Philippines

Target Destination: People's Republic of China

Duration before returning to home base: 14 days

P.S. Do you wish to see JC Van Damme sporting a boner? click:


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    September 24, 2007
    Book Twist June-August 2007

    The allure of the outdoors on me is waning. The odd part is that I do not mind locking up myself in my apartment heavily contrasting my old lifestyle when the only chance you can keep me from the great alfresco is when it’s time to sleep and when I am in my room busy unpacking shopping bags.

    Cutting down my terrestrial activities gives me time to catch up on my reading. As of late, I did most of my catching-up in the toilet where I used to waste my time musing on the day the Philippines once again wins the Miss Universe crown. Here are the five titles that kept my every fart, grunt and flush company over the past three months:

    Shattered Icon
    By Bill Napier

    A waste of toilet daydreaming time where the only thing shattered here is the plot. It didn’t help either that my farts and turds have more dimension than the characters. Not worth telling about.

    Memories of Midnight
    By Sidney Sheldon

    One of the pros of having a Virgo moment of excessive compulsiveness i.e. keeping your apartment as pristine as possible to the last dust, crease and askew-ness is stumbling into something wonderful like this Sheldon novel of illicit affairs, murders and vengeances.

    The plot has a few miniscule leaks but if you share my frivolous fascination for an amalgam of scandal, sex and vindication then this novel is a handy toilet companion.

    Note: This novel is the continuation of his 1973 best seller 'The Other Side of Midnight'.

    Fat Land
    By Greg Critser

    Mr. Crister is funny and witty on the first five pages…only. Halfway through, I decided to read something else.

    Veronica Decides to Die
    By Paulo Coelho

    It is not difficult to come into a decision and say: 'I want to die now.' or for a gayer version you say 'I want to die na, like now naaaaaaaaa!'.

    Once too many, whenever I wallow over my sorrowful mysteries I often conclude my lamentations with a declaration of my desire to see the end of my mortal life but I always fall short of having the courage to even consider killing myself rendering me technically a non-suicidal. I can’t even cut a chicken's throat--I’m a coward.

    There are several ways to take in this light read from Mr. Coelho. It is a fictional retell on his (Coelho) stint on an institution. It is a woman’s sojourn in her quest for self worth. It is a critique on the social and moral order of our time. For me it is thorny love story between Veronica and herself.

    Lipstick Jungle
    By: Candance Bushnell

    It’s “Sex and the City” ten years after. Same New York and same fab-ness plus kids, disconcerting husbands, pending divorce, CEO issues, extra-marital affairs and all that post-"single and fabulous" stuff. A fun read of three aplomb women in an equally aplomb city dealing with life after they’ve done all the climbing and are already there.

    Note: While Sex and the City’s success on primetime TV has been monumental, Lipstick Jungle will chance upon turning into a hit come January on NBC. Brooke Shields leads the main cast.


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    September 22, 2007


    America Ferrera
    custom-designed regal blue number by MONIQUE LHUILLER (my fave filipino designer)

    Vanessa Williams
    be-feathered pale green fab-ness by KEVIN HALL

    Kate Walsh
    30's bias-cut satin piece by PAMELA DENNIS

    Ali Larter
    glossy & flowy crimson strapless gown by REEM ACRA

    Minnie Driver
    canary yellow satin number by DONNA KARAN

    Heidi Klum
    slit-y strapless raspberry gown by Christian Dior

    Debra Messing
    monochromatic trumpet-hemmed piece by Ralph Lauren

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    Just so we know what are we up to on 2008
    (in fairness di pa tapos ang 2007 Miss International, Miss Earth at Miss World, meron na silang panlaban for 2008!)

    Miss Venezuela 2008 winners:

    in case you haven't heard: there was a scene-stealer at miss venezuela 2008 coronation night. somebody from the audience went up the stage and grabbed one of the tiaras and crowned himself...

    (parang si lyka ata yun? si empress yata? si chase? si jase? si banana? sabi ng iba si mandy... akala ko naman si kiks.... bet ng iba si pat)

    by the way, here's the latest from the beauty olympics score board post Miss Universe and Miss Tourism Queen:

    least you forget:

    2007 winners:
    Miss Universe: Japan, Riyo Mori

    Miss Tourism Queen International: Russia, Olga Zarubina

    photos from &


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    September 15, 2007

    my love affair with britney and her music ended when i saw her vagina (if you must know, i can only endure seeing so much vagina).

    but despite of ms. spears there are those who love her so much they've shelved the va-jayjay episode to the past and continue to support her.

    let's hear from a twinkie hearbroken fan (who badly needs a haircut) what he has to say of the recent britney-bashing from the media post vma 2007:


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    September 14, 2007

    i am an ungrateful bitch if i will not say thank you to my closest friends from port moresby for always being there...

    as in super thanks...

    at dahil kinulang ang voltes five/sailor moon sa hindi mo pagsama sa amin sa sydney, heto lang ang nakita kung picture na tinanggap ng blogger...

    wonder twin nunal power, activate!!!

    to the salceda family, tibayan family, dampil family, family rubbing alcohol...

    si paul, si eric din...

    thank you po

    thanks din sayo kahit na muntik mo na yatang makalimutan at ginabi na ang iyong tawag...

    at kay bes na tinawagan ko pa para lang mabati ako dahil busy daw ang seattle grace, thank you din...

    at dahil nakalimutan mo akong batiin ineng, yung picture mo with di kasikatang singer ang i post ko, pero love you parin...

    again, super thanks sa lahat!


    P.S. Sa family ko, sa mga nag message sa friensdter, nag text, tumawag para bumati, sa mga bloggers na nag bigay ng greetings...salamat po ng marami...

    Mabuhay ang PAGCOR!


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    September 09, 2007

    ...if it has been that bad, then it can only get better this time

    here's to another year ahead!


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    September 08, 2007

    I’m stalling all decent posts indefinitely until my new site is all brushed up, shiny and ready for a ‘miseducated’ occupancy. Meanwhile, I keep my online life on the go (aside from occasional porn) with the tackiest thing on the web …FRIENDSTER!

    An entry ago, I mentioned that FRIENDSTER can be a bucket full of fun where even non- dumb blondes are dumb intellectually unsophisticated (like me)!

    Take a look at this one for an example.

    FRIENDSTER has this feature ‘shutout’ where members may post a few words when one feels like sharing a bit of wit to the world and they appear in a callout next to his/her main photo. It is sometimes amazing but more often dreadful. Nonetheless, this gig can be very entertaining.

    I’m doing this every month.

    Here’s my shutout for September:

    "life is a shit, and bitch happen"


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    September 05, 2007
    To the Left, to the Left

    I tuck my 'bryan jr' south-wise simply because it will yonder beyond my Calvin Klein’s waist band clearance if placed northerly.

    But what are the other options?

    1. right hand drive

    2. south east asia

    3. southern tagalog

    4. northeast airlines

    5. middles east

    6. north luzon express way

    7. malate central school

    Sandali, nasaan na ba yun?

    Ay ayun!


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    September 03, 2007
    Why THE Tank
    The short explanation

    Friendster profiles are funny sometimes. I came across one that says "Purpose of A Driven Life” is her favorite book. She’s of course referring to Rick Warrens’ bestseller.

    I know someone who once lived a driven life where the drive was the purpose.

    He is now at war. The tank is his emblem. He’s at war with his ineptitudes, his personal fallacies and his delusions—a war that will attempt to edify himself.

    I wish him well.


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    September 01, 2007
    Remembering our princess
    A decade after


    I would like to end by thanking God for the small mercies he has shown us at this dreadful time. For taking Diana at her most beautiful and radiant and when she had joy in her private life. Above all we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister, the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.


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