November 30, 2007
Miss Photogenic sa Miss Universe
Loss sa Miss International
Loss sa Miss Tourism
Miss Photogenic sa Miss Earth
Last chance na to for 2007, otherwise Whammy na 'to!

Ganda-gandahan naman si Margaret
Let's work our beads...15 decades kung kinakailangan!
Mag alay ng itlog kay Sta. Clara
Sumayaw sa Obando
Mag novena kay St.Jude na patron saint for the hopeless cases
Let's push our luck!!

Margaret Wilson. The next Miss World?

Para sa 'yo Margaret, kung umabot ka sa question and answer portion sana naman e mas magaling ka mag-english kesa sa mga rebeldeng senador natin.


I am not going to write about the Trillanes-orchestrated circus despite my belligerent sentiment on the matter. Waste of web page. Pero ang international exposure ni Ces Drilon ha!

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November 24, 2007

Sana ay habaan po ninyo ang inyong pasensya. 'Habaan' being the operative word.


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November 18, 2007

Of course it's Adobe-d.

"Apart from being a complete lie, it contained words and phrases sufficient to leave in the minds of the readers that we are gay men engaged in a romantic dalliance, an imputation which seriously damaged our reputation as bankable actors..."
– Sam Milby & Piolo Pascual

If anything, the Filipino people should sue these two boys:

1. For assuming that Lolit Solis and Pilipino Star Ngayon is our source of truth.

2. For their homosexual prejudice by implying that being a gay man as a sexual orientation injures a person's reputation or the repute of his profession.

3. For actually believing that they are bankable actors.

4. For assuming that we actually consider them as actors.

5. For diverting public service time of the Manila City prosecutors office on trivial matters.

Really, for wasting my time on this matter I should go to jail too.

Naka hiatus ako di ba?

photo borrowed (without permission) from goddess. thank you po.


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November 17, 2007 the Pacific Adventist University campus

Tatagain ko itong si Mrs. J eh. Kung kailan ako busy e i-tag ba ako. Pero keri lang kasi natutuwa ako sa blog nya. So eto na, 10 things daw at about friendship ata. Pero 7 lang 'to, mano ba, basta may list at may friendship churva. Heto na.

Photography by Mr. Marl Gerinet S. Baldez

Saan ang Meeting Place?

Friendship Tabi Tayo

Ikaw si Darna ako si Zsa Zsa Zathurnna

Power of Three


Lean on Me

Big Brother

Busy-busihan pa ang BM, papasyalan ko po kayo soon. Mwahs!


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November 16, 2007

Never underestimate "just a few".

When you've ran over a person, it's not like you could simply say "it's just a life".

BM is still on hiatus. Kindness and understanding, mwahs!


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November 14, 2007
Bryan is busy
and he feels uneasy
simply leaving his blog behind

Bryan is smartie
he wears panty
and wants you to be happy
and ran out of words to complete the rhyme
he reckons this blog might help you unwind

RR Dantes'

  • Bryan Miseducated will be on a brief hiatus. Love and peace, mwahs!


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    November 12, 2007

    Vancouver lass Jessica Trisko was about to start her PhD Political Science studies at McGill University before she joined the pageant.

    Venezuela, Canada, India & Spain


    Miss Philippines wins (drum rolls please...) Miss Photogenic!!

    Lot Lot and Friends/ Lucita Soriano: adj 1. defeated or lost a game or event

    Lucita Soriano nanaman ang Philippines sa Miss Earth, hanggang Miss Photogenic nalang tayo palagi.


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    November 10, 2007

    Mariannet is a fellow diarist. But unlike most of us who rant online about our lousy jobs, bad airline food, and stupid boyfriends, Marrianet penned how much she wish her family out of poverty.

    She was 12 years old. Her family is so poor she's been out of school for two fortnights out of lack for transport money.

    It seems the world is unfriendly to Mariannet. A nylon cord around her neck was all she could cling unto.

    Mariannet Amper killed herself.

    May she rest in peace.


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    November 08, 2007
    Pageant authority's Sweet 16 list for 2007's earth warrior beauties is as shown below:

    I've been sick since Sunday and it has spun me irritable and apathetic. Really, I could not care less if Miss Bahamas or Miss Fiji wins the crown.

    I need some f***** rest.


    Thank you to Sir Brian for that lovely but scorching sail last sunday. Although come to think of it, that is probably how I got all ill. Too little champagne, too much sun.

    photos by

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    November 05, 2007

    (Contrary to popular belief, the female black widow spider only rarely eats the male after mating...)

    Your antics are not exactly the The Da Vinci secret.

    You must have realized by now that people talk. People you slept with talk. Now connect the gossip-loving dots and voila: your bed time stories on broadband.

    Personally I don't have any issues on your sexual escapades. In fact I am a big fan of your work. What I am telling here is: it is not right when people are wronged in your attempt to cover-up your not-so inviolate past.

    Honesty is the only way to free yourself from the shadow of your promiscuous past without hurting other people. Do a Kris Aquino (on her STD infection). Admit that you were horny all decade, endure chastisement for a while and no sooner than the next Pinoy Big Brother nomination night earn peoples' respect for your honesty and your bravery to be honest.

    Save your worries; I don't have to mention your name here. This is not about you. This post is to vindicate people you have badmouthed just so you can keep a perfect picture of you.

    Don't they teach this on Sunday mass you so frequent? Oh well.


    Caladryl/ Catherine Zeta Jones/ Cathy Santillan adj 1: sexually hyperactive, 2: libidinous

    Sabi nila Catherine Zeta Jones ang mga bading na laging nasa BED sa may Malate.


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    November 02, 2007


    Hello there!

    You've been frequenting my dreams again, really it is alright but here's my deal: maybe we should cook up themes that are tad less scary?

    Apparently, your frightening visits are well-timed for the Halloween but my guess is that you're on for a haunting spree in my dreams.

    I did not really mean to make mom cry. Understand that 'bread winning' is not exactly the most promising career path. I am complaining, yes, but I'm not the type who peters-out from his obligations.

    I hope that rests you in peace.

    Since today is supposedly your day (along with the many who have gone to their rest in the hope of rising again), I wish you a rokin' and rollin' time.

    Dreaming of your divine pinapaitan & heavenly (pardon the pun) dinuguan,



    I travelled a bit and have dined on expensive and cheap tables alike and I'm proud to say that you remain to be best cook in the whole world!

    photo by


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