May 31, 2007
My house meri (house maid) turned-up last Monday morning after she went AWOL over the weekend leaving me drowning in a pile of laundry which rivaled the pile of shit in my miserable life. Apparently, her husbands’ consistent insobriety led to another shoving episode and she found herself rolling ala Heidi from a hilltop and hurt her left arm. She’s forgiven her husband. My laundry is all done. My pile of shit is here to stay.

Speaking of forgiveness, I pray that my dear cousin will understand why I can’t make it to his wedding. I’ve realized more than I’m willing to accept that I’m supposed to be there to stand-in for my late father. Thing is, that is exactly why I can’t be there as I need to be here in Port Moresby and work.

Best friend is not very happy with this. I’m not either. We planned to do a road trip with the undertone of a soul searching gig which would have been the best thing to do as I need him right now more than anytime before. I’m f**** for giving precedence to my work.

Tomorrow is day-1 of my part-time job. The pay is good. It affords me to travel to Australia or Fiji or Bali every month or for me to buy a Nokia N-series phone every 30 days. But I feel like bailing-out from it. I’m thinking of doing yoga classes or some therapy instead. I’m not sure extra green is the best way to deal with depression.

I shouldn’t be writing yet. This one turned out very honest but very negative. Not good.

Anyway, the very best to everyone.

31 May 2007


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May 11, 2007
Book Twist- April 2007

For the simple reason of not wanting to write about the unentertaining wackiness the Filipino community gossips are I’ll share my thoughts about books that kept me company the month before. The thing is, this gig is not necessarily a book review or its ilk. Like what I’ve mentioned 18 words ago, I’ll share my thoughts about books that kept me company the month before.

I hope you’d still put up with another monthly thing.

1. We’ll Meet Again
By: Mary Higgins Clark

A blood-drenched wife with all the good reason to murder his philandering husband lost all her recollections at the time of the crime. But her finger prints were all over the place. After spending five years behind bars she began to vaguely recall that someone else was there when his husband was killed.

It’s always true that no matter how Chowking or your neighbor with dirty finger nails mixes your halo halo, every glass will always have crushed ice, milk and sugar. Similarly, every Mary Higgins Clarks I’ve read has a murder or two; a very unlikely but very circumstantially guilty suspect; a very likely but slightly circumstantially guilty suspect and my wrong guess. The rest are colorful fruits. Nevertheless this familiar halo halo is teeming with all the MHC skill I’ve come to love.

Mother-of-two Kris Aquino claims that she’d read every single novel of Ms. Clark. If her fondness of the “Queen of Suspense” has nothing to do with the thrill she gets from trial run-ing men producing a Joshua, syphilis, and Yap Jr. as a result, then none of us is the wiser.

2. The Twist
By: Olivia Goldsmith

Murder is another way of dealing with a Casanova husband. A wife-mistress swap is another. Sylvie wants the old romance back; her look-alike Mistress Marla wants a husband. To pull it off the switcheroo that is, it helps that wife and the mistress can pass for as twins.

“The Twist” is another hilarious scuffle on the issues of monogamy and middle life crisis from the same writer who brought us “The First Wives Club”.

Ms. Goldsmith has written 30.

3. Infamous Murderers
By: Rodney Castleden

I mistook the book to be biographies of slayers, butchers and killers. It turned out to be the kind of stuff for police academy freshmen. The writer tackled the merits of the crimes more than it probed on the personalities involved.

Mr. Castleden’s diligence in highlighting the flaws of these imperfect murders makes this a good read for those who plan to fool-proof their own.

11 May 2007

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May 03, 2007
Things of the Month, April 2007

1. Site of the Month- Pinoy Gay Blog

Did you ever wonder if someone else’s blog template is pink-er than yours?
Be puzzled no more, you big faggot!
Don’t waste your time figuring out who’s bottom and who’s top: Piolo or Sam? Siempre si Sam!
So, come one, come all.
Join ka na, like now na!

2. Blog of the Month- Caulfieldisms

Here’s a novelty: A barista who can write…in English…and he actually makes sense!
And you thought a tall latte and a good read are each sold come separately.

3. Boylet of the Month

Another nameless flesh from gaydar. But who cares what his name is? Pare-parehong ti** yan.

And as a bonus to compensate last months’ shortcomings: Introducing

drum roll please..

4. Studs of the Month

While were at it (on bonuses and stuff) we might as well keep things loaded, so I’m throwing in not one but three. Three men to keep all the issues of your groins pacified until the next month.

Richard, James & Carlos

03 May 2007


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May 01, 2007

April’s “Things of the Month” is due for today’s posting but I have to stall that for a while to allow for a personal entry.

I was trying to finish the monthly list when MS Outlook belled the mail I’ve been expecting for the past few days. De*** To*** To***’s HR “after careful consideration” paired my application with the adjective “unsuccessful”.

If only my day would have been remotely like the day Cher won the Oscar I would have aromatically dispensed this thing with a Vietnamese pork chop lunch fart but no, there wasn’t a Moonstruck rerun earlier in the morning. I found myself dialing DTT’s Human Resources.

It was past 5:00 and I was half-hoping they’ve all left the office. I half-wanted to know why they think that I am unfit for the job. Conversely, I half-wanted not to know. The emphatic ringing from the receiver was resonating like my nagging thoughts about my undistinguished career and for that reason I actually wished for someone to pick up. And someone did.

A lovely voice recited the obligatory greetings. “That’s right Bryan, obligatory—the niceness and the greetings so don’t be fooled. Earlier they thought you were just kidding when you mentioned in your resume that you graduated with honors. Hello! It’s Labor Day tomorrow not April Fools day! Bite, Bryan bite” I thought. But there was no biting; my niceness got the better of me. Expectedly (and annoyingly), I simmered down at push button and gracefully asked them to (please) get back with me with a more detailed rejoinder as to why this audacity against my application. “For future references”, I appeased.

I’ve dealt with failures a lot more devastating than this but today I almost snapped. The whole day I was working my ass off while my multi-tasking mind allowed me to be pensive on where I’m taking this bubbly hardworking ass to. It would have been the last straw.

It’s been eight years since graduation. Aside from an half finished master’s degree and jobs that won some bread and paid for a bit of partying and shopping, a pat in my back is still a long shot from where I am now.

Unfortunately, Jimmy closed her salon earlier than the usual. Not that he’d dare touch my hair when I’m pissed off anyway so I withdraw the option of sporting a bald head for the two parties I’m attending this coming Saturday.

I went home. I ate a lot of pop corn and chips. I spooned all 250mg of Nutella into my pie hole while watching Ugly Betty. Darn! How did Betty manage to get two men fighting over her? Darn! Even that isn’t happening to me anymore. Darn!

01 May 2005


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