October 30, 2007
Things that Scare Bryan Miseducated
(A Halloween bandwagon thingy)

(me wrapped in a cheap martha stewart kumot. hala, nag improvise ba. faux costume is inspired by mother theresa)

1. The demographics of Philippines' adult population in 2010 where 50% are caffeine-addicted call center agents and the other 50% are (second-course) nurses.

2. Another season of Pinoy Big Brother. Tama na! Please lang! (And the voice of Kuya.)

3. Another Bench fashion show.

4. The Piolo and Sam break-up or when Ruffa Mae & Eric Santos are together again.

5. New album from:
a. Aqua;
b. Judy Ann Santos;
c. LA Lopez; and
d. Anna Dizon.

6. Boy Abunda's fashion sense. **sign of the cross**

7. The 2010 presidential election or its deferral or cancellation. **double sign of the cross**

8. Trip to the very dirty Manila Zoo.

9. Trip to the very smelly Palawan Bar in Cubao.

10. The second dark age…the return of 80's fashion.


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October 28, 2007
Pieces of Me
by: Guest Blogger Ms. Izzie Stevens (pen name)

'As silly as it may sound coming from a grown up woman, I am only now getting to know the real me. Of course I always had a clear view of what defines me: my values and priorities, my individuality, my relationships, my dreams and aspirations, my faith... But as is shown me the past year, adversity has a way of making you look at yourself in a way you never had before and make you realize what stuff you are really made of. It will defy what you think you can and cannot endure, what you should and should not compromise, what you can and cannot live without.. The thing with brokenness is you are left with pieces to put back together and in the process create something that is far different from what it once was.

The pieces I have, if left to me to put back together, will not make a whole. There are some pieces I have lost and can never regain; a few I have unwillingly set aside. Thinking about it, maybe it is not that I am now only knowing the real me. But I being pruned, refined, remoulded... Painful processes to be going through. Especially so that reasons for which I have yet to understand.. I have tried different ways to deal, each one getting me more confused and lost than before. That is until I realized I have been placing my trust to that which is also lost - my self.

It is not easy giving to God all the pieces I hold - especially those so dear, for Him to put back together according to His design, to trust that He will fill up the empty spaces left by the pieces I no longer have. It is a daily surrender coupled with His grace.. Not easy, yes, but in surrendering the pieces of me to Him, I came to understand the most important thing in defining who I am --- I am His. '

izzie will be performing in broadway very very soon. she's a gentle person but will not hesitate to kick your ass specially when you try to snatch her bag. izzie is originally from rizal. she works for a british firm based in makati. we've been friends since college.

photo by istockphoto.com


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October 27, 2007
Rampage in Hong Kong

sa airport expressway, malinis at 1st world ang ambiance...

made me feel sorry for pinas...


dinner after our short trip at the night market...
di alam nung waitress kung ano yung fork...sabi nya "solly, fork chop finish"

then we went looking for some creamy dessert...
loss, umuwi kaming luhaan...

besfren, para tayong rockista sa photo na 'to! kabog!

rampa sa kaharian ni mickey.
warning sa mga badessang mahihina ang puso, huwag sumakay sa space mountain na yan...

may future na ang mga jubelita sa pinas...

may mga cute na intsik sa cast ng lion king musical (at naka tights sila)...

bawal daw mag picture, kaya 'yan nag picture kami...

nakalimutan namin bumili ng mga dolls...

kaya KIKS...pasalubong naman minsan...


jubelita \dyooo-beee-li-tah\ : young gay

Tuwing ati-atihan, kadalasan ay mga jubelita ang mga ginagawang star dancers. Mga tunay silang alagad ni Maximo Oliveros.

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October 19, 2007

Transsexual or transvestite, I can only guess. Not that it matters anyway. One thing is for sure though: her skirt got her into trouble with the Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea.

Miss P****'s last step during her sensual hip-pirouette dance at a kiddie party is a bashing sway to a re-call order from the DFA. I suppose very few pinoy associations are into gay erotica.

Here enters the superficial perks of choosing to be a trouser-wearing discreet gay man. A 'Muscle Mary' frolicking to the tune of that Sharika & Beyounce duet will earn him everyone's admiration and still keeps his diplomatic passport. A silk scarf and pearl earnings on the other hand will stir up an instant witch hunt.

I was asked to ask someone to prepare a short write-up for their signature campaign to appeal for the re-call but I ended up doing it myself.

I have to make this clear though: other than penning down the cover letter, my support is for gender sensitivity and the development of a much needed political acumen on gay issues among Filipinos and not for the personal interest of any individual.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

[In response to the recent exchange of opinions addressing the personal appeal of Miss P**** we, the signatories of this document would like to express the following sentiments:

1. The ''
Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea'' based on the size of their membership is not representative of the population of Filipinos based in Papua New Guinea. Any statement made in behalf of the ''Filipino community'' by the said association does not automatically reflect the view of the majority of Filipinos based in Papua New Guinea.

2. While we acknowledge that decorum is to be observed by diplomats as required by their office, we steer away from the Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea Executive Council’s statement that Miss P**** ''made a public spectacle of him/herself'' for the following reasons:

a. Their statement ''dance provocatively while emulating the antics of a strip tease dancer in full view of children and foreigners alike'', ''unacceptable'' is an accusation where merit is askew. On a context free of malice, provocative dancing during a children's birthday celebration and during an annual independence celebration is unintelligently off-the-wall.

b. Their statements ''spectacle of him/herself'', ''that she was a he'', ''unflattering image of a Filipina'' are politically incorrect.

3. A re-organization for a more representative Filipino association that could address relevant issues of Filipinos living, working and/or residing in Papua New Guinea is aptly called for.

4. These sentiments are not acts of aggression to the ''Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea'' per se or to the personalities behind the said association but merely a collective voice exercising their right under the 1987 constitution to freedom of speech.]

I didn't get the chance to sign the appeal. I didn't have to.


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October 13, 2007
A warm (pardon the pun) & big congratulation to Captain Planet Al Gore for winning the Nobel Prize for his awareness crusade on the causes of and the impending catastrophes as a result of global warming…

And congratulations to me for my small contribution in support to all the environment protection programs churva in general…

lest we forget...

“With all your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

--Capt. Planet


jinit ever (adj) + (adv): very hot

Dahil yata sa global warming e lalong jinit ever dito sa Pilipinas.


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October 07, 2007
Bryan Miseducated's Miss International 2007 Top 10


*notable delegates from the recycle bin:

Russia's Aleksandra Mazur (delegate, Miss World 2006)

Serbia's Teodora Marcic (delegate, Miss Universe 2007)

*top winning countries (as of Miss Int'l 2006):

1. Venezuela: 5 times
Philippines: 4 times
Australia, Colombia, England, Poland, United States: 3 times


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October 06, 2007
Desperate Housewives' slur on Philippine Medical Schools

Among my friends very few actually watch Desperate Housewives. If there would have been more Eva & Teri fan among my lot then there would have been a greater chance that I heard this from them:

"Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas?’ Coz I would just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines."

Teri Hatcher
Season 4
Desperate Housewives

Never mind the Imelda references or the housemaid banter which may not be totally false, but this one I find appalling. Pardon my twisted sense of justice but I wonder how would the U.S. healthcare system fare without all the Filipino health and medical professionals doing what their own people refuse to do to keep America in the pink.

I’m glad I'm holding my ground until now: that I’m a Sex and the City fan. Did I mention Sarah and the girls won a lot of Emmys?


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October 04, 2007
i'm stalling my pageant post in support of FREE-BURMA.ORG where a similar cause is celebrated by spectacles such as miss international...freedom & peace!

by the way, i just got back from hong kong and all i can share right now is my exhaustion from all that walking and shopping, but i promise to write about it soon...



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