December 31, 2007

I hate her tacky jackets and her sprightly hair—arghh… BUT I love her show.

She’s bright on so many finance matters but my affinity to this money guru is on her counsels on how not to finish off a pathetic bust.

This 2008 I will go by my fave Suze Orman commandment on personal savings: one’s personal saving should ALWAYS/PERPETUALLY have a balance of at least a year’s worth of your monthly regular/basic expenses.

To illustrate (does not reflect my own):

Rent and
Utilities- P 10,0000.00

Food- P 7,000.00
Fare/Gas- P 5,000.00
Clothing and
personal hygiene- P 5,000.00
Communications- P 3,000.00
Total: P 30,000.00
12 month equivalent: P360,000.00

Suze insists that this minimum balance is strictly non-expendable. Any excess however is safe to be squandered on anything your heart and penis desires.

So, save na, now na!


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December 28, 2007

To some people online discussion boards are round-the-clock flea markets open for brandishing how bad their educational system has failed them.

Free speech, exercised intelligently or otherwise, is of course encouraged all the way; discouraged when ‘some people’ aim their attention deficiency (a.k.a. cheeky and pretentious discourses) via to me.

While I can’t and will not even attempt to stop you from tailing along and antagonizing every reply I post on topics discussed at our network, I will however counsel you and in the process save you from wasting time and www space with your lengthy antithetical essays lovingly written for me just so I’ll take notice: I do not find aggression sexy.

Show me a very clean six-inch penis (at least) clothed with expensive underwear (and on no account I refer to Ben Chan’s brand) which you can afford with your high-paying job that HR recons you deserve because (1) you have an impressive CV with a police clearance to match; (2) you are neither very ugly nor smelly to be in their employ, then perhaps I’ll show interest.


Your English is good. Maybe you should blog instead of... whatever that you do.

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0959hrs Baguio City
1159hrs Port Moresby City

BESTFRIENDSHIP: It's sad when you tried fighting for someone you love and in the end you lost.

BRYAN: You're the craziest person I've ever met. But I get you. Take care of yourself freindship.

BESTFRIENDSHIP: Yup, what I'm doing right now doesn't make sense...that's why I trust it.

BRYAN: (no reply)

BESTFRIENDHIP: Hay salamat sa magtataho, nagkalaman ang tiyan ko. Epekto ito ng sobrang koreanovela. (after an overnight hunger strike)

BRYAN: Walang taho sa Korea. Hello, we were there last year kaya. Kung meron man di matamis ang taho nila.


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"I don’t fear death...I don’t think it can happen unless God wants it to happen because so many people have tried to kill me."

Benazir Bhutto
Destiny's Daughter, The Times


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December 24, 2007

hahaha wagi sa effort, cut and paste ba...

special mention kay momel, lyka, chase, empress, ei, mga bakla sa bukid, pat, reyn, kiks, richard, goddess, ruff, john, rr dantes, fionixe, lexan, banana, carl, yey (?) at mrs. j... wish ko kayo nang masaganang...

at para kay tin, joy-joy, fionixe at toe:

pagdamutan nyo po ang aking pamasko...kung kulang share share nalang kayo... sched nyo nalang...


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December 22, 2007
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December 21, 2007
1836 hrs Manila
2036 hrs Port Moresby

BESTFRIENDSHIP: Bestfren, ano gusto mong regalo ngayong pasko?

BRYAN: Good health para sa 'yo.

BESTFRIENDSHIP: Maging selfish ka naman...really anong gusto mong gift?

BRYAN: Lacoste na pouch at D&G na jewelry.


BESTFRIENDSHIP: Sige na nga, ipag-pray nalang kita.


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December 20, 2007

I'm bored to death.

I draw my fairy godmother.

I'm pensive.

I don't smoke.

Pensive people smoke.

I'm fucked.

I spelled that out since I really, seriously am.

I can't even be pensive.

I hate cigarette ashes.

I need a name for my fairy godmother.

I'm not doped.

I just need a name.

A name for this weariness.


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December 18, 2007

Archangel Judiel's halo is a promising chew-on toy. We'll play fetch with it if I make it up there.

Shao, the fond memories of the time we spent together are forever. My dear friend, I will miss you.


But the poor dog, in life the firmest friend...
-Lord Byron


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December 16, 2007
Joe hollers back: 'It's never a dull day in the Philippines!'

This is exciting. Remember my Hey, Joe
post? I received a reply from the author himself.

Amang Turns 98

My paternal grandfather turns 98 today. That's 14 years on top of my current age multiplied by three. Whew! I'd be a geriatric wonder if I get that far.

Amang lakay, happy birthday! We love you!

A New Phone, Yet Again

My N76 is barely 3 months old. Yesterday I bought myself an iPhone.

Why do I buy things I don't need?

It's pathetic that I address my issues with my purchasing power. I need help.

Tired of friendster? Try

Up to No.5?

We didn't perform so well this year. F***, we didn't get by at all!
So I find it surprising that the Philippines is up to No. 5 (from No. 6 last year) among the most beautiful women in the world.

Well, if they must insist that we're up, the fact that we don't get that often... what the hell, up it is.


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December 13, 2007
Conspiracists report that aliens have abducted Philippines' best screenwriters.

There are no documented sightings of saucer shaped crafts hovering over Mother Ignacia Street or above the EDSA-Santolan area. Nonetheless, showbiz insiders reveal that the major networks were swift to conceal the privation with new programs of apparent unprecedented plots like that of the fantasy-drama series about a lesbian vixen and her uber-straight, heterosexual-male of the year soldier lover.

Blood and Chocolate is an Anne Rice-style, romantic, supernatural werewolf novel by Annette Curtis Klause. It was made into a movie and released early this year.

While the abductions are alarming, TV enthusiasts warn the citizenry of a greater danger - - the speciousness of the networks with their stale then recycled story line combos of mixed identities and against-all-odds love posturing as something else.

Critics predict another dark season of Philippine primetime programming.

Everyone is advised to hoard a season's supply of DVDs.


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December 09, 2007
Happy day!

I've said this before and i will say it again...There will never be a woman like you in my life. Thank you for everything. I love you ma.


You will always be my Annabelle Rama & I, your Ruffa. Kulang nalang si Ylmas.


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2015hrs Port Moresby
2015hrs Manila

BESTFRIENDSHIP: I did something a little crazy today, guess mo?

BRYAN: You killed Boy Abunda?

BESTFRIENDSHIP: Better than that! I had my ear pierced. He he. Anything goes.


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December 07, 2007
He's been away for a while.
Ibinahay ng papa nya. Dahil mahilig sa porn...pinagbawalang mag internet! Jokelah!
Whatex...go ahead...visit na, now na!


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December 04, 2007

Unlike Vancouver and Sydney, Manila has yet to make it to the Worlds' Most Livable Cities list.

Although aesthetics which the Philippine capital is undoubtedly lacking of doesn't necessarily translate to livability, neither could Manila boast a functioning sewage system, a low crime rate, sufficient health facilities, or a reliable public transport facility.

Lacking both the sights and the insfrastructure of what it takes to be a 'livable' metropolis, what then is left to see if one takes a 'slice of the city'?

What's life like to the eleven million or so Manilenos?

In the true Ted Lerner way adventure scratches away Manila's un-pretty surface, in a similar way you scrape off the dull silver-gray film that conceals the recharge number of your prepaid card, to reveal a city that may not be deemed as livable by some snob list but a city that is actually living.


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December 03, 2007
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Virus Free?

Who could tell?

Stay safe.


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December 02, 2007
Kiddie birthday parties are ethereal when you've been to Georgia and California and sipped champagne on a yacht and seen some things that a woman aint suppose to see.

Yesterday at a Disney-themed merry making kids were thoughtlessly asked to 'polychromatize' some Winnie the Pooh drawings with crayons lacking of the basic gay colors. Nonetheless, since I am a big advocate of wholesomeness, I decided to join in the fun. I approached one of the kids and told him that his mom has left and he should start looking for her before Michael Jackson drops by. Apparently he understood his situation and fled. That was my cue and I hurriedly grabbed his lead-rich made in China crayon set.

With five flaky crayons and after two glasses of red here's what I had:

The exercise was calming and even elating.

For a moment I forgot all about my worries. I regressed into a time when life, excuse the lack of poetic skills-- is as simple as crayons and papers.

Here's to life's everyday ways of reminding us of its little treasures!


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