February 28, 2007
Things of the Month, February 2007

1. Series-on-DVD of the Month

Grey’s Anatomy

True. All that scalpels and the scrubbing-in do sound all familiar. But Meredith’s and everyone else’s Seattle Grace dose is an attempt for a breath of fresh air from the reeking omnipresence of sex, homosexuality, adultery and conspiracy theories others has to offer.

Their lives, aspirations and hopes are mirrored, addressed, threatened and more often thwarted as they go about the hospital as the intern, the co-intern, the room mate, the doctor, the patient, the girlfriend, the boyfriend, the ex and in some not so rare instances all that at the same time. This is not the greatest show in the world; more the middle-of-the-road whim.

But when life takes another turn to banalityville a TV series of surgeons and to-be's lives other than all the cutting & sutures is one odd means to take heart when one can't seem to get a life of his own.

(Actually laziness kasi ang bestfriend ko at laging forgetness na i-send yung hinihiram kung VCD ng Miss Universe 1969, 1973, at 2005 kaya this is what I’m watching na.)

2. Quote of the Month

"If there weren't blacks, Jews and gays, there would be no Oscars ... or anyone named Oscar, when you think about that."

Ellen DeGeneres
Host, The 79th Academy Awards

3. …That made me Happy this Month

I'm guessing:

1. Either they finally took pity on pretty me queueing up on rather orderly lines but queues nonetheless every time I want to saunter for a sidewalk life since there’s none in Port Moresby; or

2. They’re seducing me to migrate there.

4. Blog of the Month


It’s one thing when you think you know one’s a fashion disaster. It’s another to exercise your police powers and make it entertaining and inject political statements while you’re at it. To say it’s a fun read is an understatement. I’m not that shallow noh!

See what she (he?) has to say to the rest of the fashion transgressing world at:

5. Boylet of the Month

I don’t know his name. He models for the Gaydar.com website. Basta, boylet of the month siya.
end of list

28 February 2007


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February 24, 2007
Congressman Manny Pacquiao

i was a first year student in high school when some retard nominated my friend to run for the class governor race. an ugly cretin seconded the motion.

the campaign posters shouted:

shy almost puritan, hillary duff-skinny who desperately needs to see a barber not suffering from astigmatism and parkinson’s disease, top-of-the-freshman class


crush ng bayan famous for his teenage bulge strained by his levi’s 501

and the class’ mandate affirmed their love for jeans.

remember we were told so often that the youth is the future of the motherland. alas! we might as well swear in mr. manny now.

goodluck to the 14th congress.

24 February 2007


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February 22, 2007
Tarjeta Postal

“To a girl who knows something other than sex
and something more than soft colours
I sent postcards that never arrived.”

Sa'di Yusuf (1943 - )
Iraqi poet.

…and guess what?
i got me a postcard! from neil of madrid.
(told you i’m no perv)

muchos gracias amigo!

go and visit neil at http://boxofrecollections.blogspot.com
who knows he’ll send you an airline ticket instead

‘til the next post!


22 February 2007


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February 15, 2007
I Wish the Tales of Mother Goose are true.

I feel lazy, gang-raped tired and sleepy.

In many ways a weeklong repose in Pangasinan is a viable relief. But just the thought of the five-hour air travel and an another five-hour bitter romance with Victory Liner and the obligatory VISA bills afterwards is the very anti-thesis of what I’m after—some f*** rest.

Wouldn’t it be great if we humans can elect to die temporarily?

I’m not talking about being medically dead and then waking-up from coma later or the excommunicable undertone of death and resurrection and the founding of a new religion. I’m thinking more in the vein of death-like deep sleep—ala hibernation.

Falling into a cavernous sleep without the need to eat and excrete, do debit-credit, answer phone calls, send tuition-money back home, add weird people to your FRIENDSTER list, blah blah blah and wake-up like you’re zany Cameron Diaz the morning after an earth-shattering Justin Timberlake shag would be liberating.

But reality bites.

Someone please bring me a spindle and tell me Charles Perrault’s version of the “Sleeping Beauty” is a non-fiction.

I still feel lazy, gang-raped tired and sleepy.

15 February 2007


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February 10, 2007

by: The Cranberries

Something has left my life
And I don’t know where it went to
Somebody caused me strife
And it’s not what I was seeking.

Didn’t you see me, didn’t you hear me
Didn’t you see me standing there
Why did you turn out the lights
Did you know that I was sleeping

Say a prayer for me
Help to feel the strength I did
My identity has been taken
Is my heart breaking on me

All my plans fell though my hands
They fell
Though my hands on me
In my obvious it suddenly seems

photo copyright: Katia Rovnina

10 February 2006


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