April 02, 2009
Maybe just this one before Bryan Miseducated closes.

“Visit cousins” my Nokia reminder cried. I cringed with the eager blinking of the LCD. Something more confrontational than a phone beep was in store that day. My brother and my best friend took the subway to see Ate Yolly and Ate Luz. Citing unfinished shopping, I stayed.

We must pity the genus of Chip Tsao and grant him the forgiveness he asks of us in consideration of his misfortune: the deprived capability to understand one of love’s most sacred expressions.

We are thankful for the blessing of affinity with these people Mr. Tsao is raring to hate: mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and lovers, personal heroes to many, great heroes of a nation, servants so full of love they transcend from the weak human attribute of self importance and allows them with pained ease to ransom a piece or at most times the whole of their happiness and joy so that others can be.

I am aware of the facts of my cousins’ employment but as a matter of preference I want to see them outside of that: Registered midwives with families to keep.

Chip Tsao's article "War at Home"


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