March 06, 2006
Over lunch, while planning for a non-Lamana Saturday night we were disrespectfully and abruptly interrupted by a news flash. A Pinoy Gossip News Central correspondent dressed like an up-side-down stale cotton candy had a feature broadcast: a bona fide transsexual dragged his…uh…her drag queen ass to Port Moresby and is here to paint the town red to lovingly match the already betel nut-red roads.

The news says: the overhaul costs are: PhP 200,000.00 for his…uh…her mammary glands and PhP 700,000.00 for her muscular tube that connects the neck (cervix) of the uterus (huh?) to the exterior.

Her disconcerting news that matched her ill-timed, vomit-pink, 80’s dark ages jeans unnecessarilly drew me away from my to-be BLOG thoughts: Half-wit sexy star turned queen-of-confessors Keanna Reeves hears the long overdue confession of showbiz royalty Big Brother housemate with birds-nest hairdo Rustom Padilla what the rest of the world already knew—that he’s gay.

Dazed why a million pesos had to be wasted on a depth-restricted vagina (no deeper than 6 inches, I was told), I cataleptically agreed to be Rustom Padilla instead of being the Bianca on our weekly alcohol smorgasbord + role playing.

Dazed still, I’ll end this entry without making any point and void of any sense. Then agan, most confessions and Saturday night drunkenness aren't any sense ahead.

06 March 2006

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At 2:40 AM, Blogger Ron said........
wow. i really did try to understand that but my ADHD mind only understands semi-logical blog entries.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Kiss My Mike said........
birds-nest hair do? is that the new fad? i saw the pix online and first thing i thought was, you could serve fruits in that hair!

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Bryan Anthony the First said........
Yes...birds-nest. Tired and restless birds.

Meanwhile, my bestfriend thinks Rustom's hair looks like a goat with a bad beard day or something like that...