March 26, 2006
If your idea of a Saturday afternoon tea is vodka mix (orange & passion fruit) and onion rings, then you should have spent yesterday with me and as a bonus would have learned a few things.

By this time you would have thrown away those boxes of SP’s or Red Horse and have prevented another great plague by denying those pests of a rat a place to mate. Throw away beer? Yes. It turns out that vodka boosts your immune system.

Apparently, this colorless magic pumps your lymphocytes when you eat rust-marinated medium rare beef steak.

I never saw how corroded the grill they used in their failed attempt to cook the meat because I turned up late (I went for an afternoon tea, remember) for a dinner party. But it was unearthly almost epiphanous to experience the gradual action of natural agents such as air or salt water on metals on every munch on that bloody (the swear word) bloody (the adjective) steak while simultaneously worrying about them half-alive fibers making love with my braces.

After last night’s carnivorous-ferric encounter I woke up this morning feeling in the pink instead of the usual difficulty in swallowing and in opening of the jaws or muscle spasm you suffer after eating clostridium tetani.

The best part is I am now technically a tamer food bitch for allowing this dining disaster let pass. Not to mention that I am the father of the Vodka-Immunity Theory.


I don’t know about my champagne-drenched friends but incase vodka fails to work for me I’m sure I had those anti-tetanus mouth drops from the Department of Health back when i was just a sober kid.

26 March 2006


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At 12:26 PM, Blogger rOnI said........
i love vodka. i am gonna do observation of your immunity theory and i will be the subject.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Rose said........
vodka... immunity... hmmm... maybe.

when i'm drinking down my vodka and sprite, i'll think about what you just said.

glad to know you didn't get tetanus or some strange ailment caused by ingesting rust. hahaha.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Rose said........

hi there! thanks for visiting my blog. i enjoy reading yours. :)

yeah, alcohol smorgasbord!!! i'm going home to baguio and that's the perfect place to have it.

and, NO!!!! no bf. single as ever. pimp me pimp me!!! hehehe.

miss you!!! :)


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