April 04, 2006
MV Popoli

My sweetest thanks to Guy and Frances for that wonderful Saturday cruise on board MV Popoli.

It was a booze-free sail and by the same token wonderful as those champagne & quiche Sundays on Dolphin Blue.

Guy, we’d surely miss you. I’ll never forget that crimson sunset when we lit a candle and said prayers during the Hanukkah. Those chocolate coins are unforgettably tasty too [insert rolling eyes here]. Who won the dice game by the way? And what is it called again? And thanks for the Mardi Gras ’06 souvenirs—I love them!

I know you’ll get all the fun you missed here in Port Moresby as you get posted to Bangkok. We’ll surely drop by sometime. And yes, if I get the visa anytime soon, then DC it is.

By the way, when do we start planning the farewell party? Do you think the ambassador would lend the yacht again?

04 April 2006

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At 12:53 PM, Blogger Rose said........
wow, yauchting!!!! sounds like fun, bry!!!

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Rose said........
hi bry!!! i noticed you linked jessica zafra! i love how she writes. :)