March 29, 2006
Tuesdays not with Morrie

Tuesday is right after Monday and too far from Friday, so there’s nothing much going on. Except in my folly, I accidentally added-in my black t-back to my “general” laundry—at this moment my house mary (house maid) is wondering if David used a similar mesh-pouched slingshot to kill Goliath.

Until…I thought of visiting my hometown’s web site to check what’s going on there and ended-up going through the bulletin board:

“Ei, good day to all of one, im just trying to create contact with those batchmates that i had before. Anyone who knows who that belonged to batch 1999 please to email me.. Thanks and advance..”

“Ei, good day to all of one…”
Huh, good day to my self!

“…trying to create contact…”
Earth to Mars, Earth to Mars. Houston, we have a problem.

“…those batchmates that i had before…”
Slut! You slept with all of them?

“Anyone who knows who that belonged to batch 1999…”
Hey, hey, hey, slow down… say what?

“please to email me…”
Oh, please!

“Thanks and advance”
Now I know why your batch mates would not want to make contact.

Oh well… my Tuesday is not so dull after all.

P.S. Venetian merchant and traveler Marco Polo once said, “I have not told half of what I saw”. So expect a sequel…har har har!
Almer_0619 is a school mate, but I’m from batch 1996.

29 March 2006

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At 5:29 AM, Blogger yey said........
rofl. this is hilarious.

definitely a pet peeve of mine.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Rose said........
hehehe. what site is this? hehehe. funny, bry.

and i like that bit about your black t-back and the reference to David's slingshot. haha!