May 01, 2007

April’s “Things of the Month” is due for today’s posting but I have to stall that for a while to allow for a personal entry.

I was trying to finish the monthly list when MS Outlook belled the mail I’ve been expecting for the past few days. De*** To*** To***’s HR “after careful consideration” paired my application with the adjective “unsuccessful”.

If only my day would have been remotely like the day Cher won the Oscar I would have aromatically dispensed this thing with a Vietnamese pork chop lunch fart but no, there wasn’t a Moonstruck rerun earlier in the morning. I found myself dialing DTT’s Human Resources.

It was past 5:00 and I was half-hoping they’ve all left the office. I half-wanted to know why they think that I am unfit for the job. Conversely, I half-wanted not to know. The emphatic ringing from the receiver was resonating like my nagging thoughts about my undistinguished career and for that reason I actually wished for someone to pick up. And someone did.

A lovely voice recited the obligatory greetings. “That’s right Bryan, obligatory—the niceness and the greetings so don’t be fooled. Earlier they thought you were just kidding when you mentioned in your resume that you graduated with honors. Hello! It’s Labor Day tomorrow not April Fools day! Bite, Bryan bite” I thought. But there was no biting; my niceness got the better of me. Expectedly (and annoyingly), I simmered down at push button and gracefully asked them to (please) get back with me with a more detailed rejoinder as to why this audacity against my application. “For future references”, I appeased.

I’ve dealt with failures a lot more devastating than this but today I almost snapped. The whole day I was working my ass off while my multi-tasking mind allowed me to be pensive on where I’m taking this bubbly hardworking ass to. It would have been the last straw.

It’s been eight years since graduation. Aside from an half finished master’s degree and jobs that won some bread and paid for a bit of partying and shopping, a pat in my back is still a long shot from where I am now.

Unfortunately, Jimmy closed her salon earlier than the usual. Not that he’d dare touch my hair when I’m pissed off anyway so I withdraw the option of sporting a bald head for the two parties I’m attending this coming Saturday.

I went home. I ate a lot of pop corn and chips. I spooned all 250mg of Nutella into my pie hole while watching Ugly Betty. Darn! How did Betty manage to get two men fighting over her? Darn! Even that isn’t happening to me anymore. Darn!

01 May 2005


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At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
haba naman frenship

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Lyka Bergen said........
Simple, the job wasnt meant for you like the Oscar was meant for Cher. Look at her now... just an Oscar winner w/out any follow-up. You dont wanna be like that, do you? So keep you hair,... and eat more Nutella. Forget Betty, she's ugly!

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Erik said........
About your current er... sticky thing with HRD --

Malay mo, there will be better things..?

On Ugly Betty. America comes off as mejo OA the first few episodes, but I'm coming to like her now, as the title character.

I like Mark better. And Vanessa Williams' character, too.

Oh, and that receptionist-girl in there.

Sensiya, I'm bad with names.

On the blog being away and AWOL -- you really wouldn't be wanting to read me just yet. Maybe next month..? Or the month after that?

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Bryan Anthony the First said........
@lyka: appreciate the talk, really

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Bryan Anthony the First said........
@erik: i just hope you dont actually relate to the Mark character